Deyohahá:ge: Indigenous Knowledge Centre

The Indigenous Rights and Social Justice research group is proud to be partnered with Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP). One of the most important aspects of that partnership is with SNP’s Indigenous knowledge centre. Our partnership with SNP’s ‘Deyohahá:ge: Indigenous Knowledge Centre’ will contribute to translating and mobilizing the research findings generated through the IRSJ’s projects, including the research being conducted by the Pan-American Indigenous Rights and Governance Network (PAIR-GN).

About Deyohahá:ge:Six_Nations_Polytechnic_logo
“Deyohahá:ge: provides a balanced platform for Indigenous research and knowledge sharing. The Centre provides for more Indigenous input into research, more respect for Indigenous research protocols and more benefit of research to the local communities. At the same time, local communities benefit from more access into research findings. Deyohahá:ge: is dedicated to sharing what students and scholars have learned and building upon what has already been done to help Indigenous communities recover, preserve and protect the knowledge of their ancestors.”

Main Goals: 

  • Recovery of Indigenous knowledge from local and archival sources for the benefit of our future generations”
  • Replanting Indigenous knowledge in both Native and Mainstream students and scholars.”

For more information about Deyohahá:ge: visit their website.